Food safety

Mas & Fils Jardiniers knows how important food safety is, and it is a key priority for us. Wholesomeness is an essential part of our mission. In addition to taste and uniformity, conservation methods and consistency are key factors. The company deploys a set of stringent, highly detailed regulations and procedures to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of our produce.

For Mas & Fils Jardiniers, supplying fresh, healthy, delicious produce is a priority. To do so, the company focuses on a highly hygienic, safe work environment that preserves the freshness and integrity of all our products.

Mas & Fils makes every effort to ensure healthy consumption and outstanding quality. The grower is very proud of its CanadaGAP and Primus GFSI designations, and goes well beyond the hygiene standards required by the food industry. By securing heightened traceability for its products, and earning a variety of certifications, the company delivers consistent quality and guarantees the wholesomeness of its produce.