Our history

A family market garden company, Mas & Fils proudly grows fresh produce, specializing in the production of carrots, beets, and white turnip. The company also packages and ships its vegetables. Always seeking to innovate, Mas & Fils stands out for the quality of its produce, and the importance it places on sustainable agriculture.

1952 : Roots

The company dates back to 1952, when Laurent Mas and his wife Marie-Jeanne left their native France to move to Saint-Michel-de-Napierville, a village located south of Montreal, at the heart of a region known as the “Gardens of Quebec.” They bought some farmland and grew green and yellow onions, radishes, lettuce, leeks and, of course, carrots.

1972 : Foundation of the business

Laurent Mas and his two sons, Jean and Laurent François Junior, started Mas & Fils Jardiniers in 1972. Under their leadership, the company did so well that they tripled the area being farmed. The very rapid expansion made it essential to substantially increase the storage capacity for winter produce.

1977 : Specialization

In 1977, the company invested in cutting-edge equipment in order to develop its own packaging division and broaden its operations. Among other things, it focused on carrot production, which then became the Mas & Fils specialty.

1992 : Next generation and success

Christophe and Sébastien Mas took over management of the company from their father, Laurent François Junior, and their uncle, Jean Mas, in 1992 and have contributed substantially to its prosperity.

1995 : Brand image

1995 was an important year in the history of the company's expansion. In addition to investing in a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, the company decided to create its own brand: “Christopher.” Mas & Fils is seen as a pioneer by the Quebec industry, as very few fruit and vegetable growers would dare to consider attaching a brand to what they produce.

1996 : Strategy

In 1996, the company set a strategic objective, which came from a desire to promote the sale of vegetables in the American market. This strategy proved very fruitful, leading to the creation of a division dedicated to exporting fresh Quebec vegetables to the United States.

1998 : Excellence rewarded

In the context of its recognition program, the National Bank of Canada named Mas & Fils Jardiniers as the top agricultural SME, spotlighting the company's hard work and continuous effort in achieving excellence.

2001 : Imports

In 2001, Mas & Fils began to import carrots from the state of Georgia in order to better serve customers by providing a year-long supply of its specialty products. The decision to package the imported carrots exclusively at its own Quebec packaging facility gave the company total control over the carrots selected for packaging, enabling consistent quality. This was another success story for the company, strengthening its market share by eliminating the winter product shortage.

2010 : Always growing

Further expansion was crucial to keep pace with the sustained growth in demand for produce. The company enlarged its warehouses to 35,000 square feet and added a cutting-edge packaging line. The first of its kind in North America, the packaging line included a calibrating scanner, ensuring even better product quality.

2012 : International production

In 2012, Mas & Fils entered into a partnership with a Georgia-based grower for maintaining the company's fields. The transaction gave the company full control over all steps involved in growing and harvesting, making it even more responsive to specific customer requests. The move simultaneously increased the overall supply.